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Sunday, June 10, 2012

I can't believe it's June 10!!!  I am soooooo very behind on my blog.  Probably because all I do when I get home from school is sleep!  Haha.  Well, we have just finished the year and I now have five weeks with basically nothing to do but show up at school for five more weeks.  We don't have our assignments for next year and will probably not get them until we come back in September, so I shouldn't have any excuses for getting everything up to date.  I am hoping to stay with at least one of my classes.  I was the only English teacher in the school who had two classes but I've been told I will stay with just one next year.  I have learned though that things CHANGE in a heartbeat here, so, we'll see!  Anyway, can't believe I've already finished one year, it went by so very fast.  I've decided I'm just going to continue my blog where I left off...So, hope I don't bore you too much, it has definately been an interesting adventure!

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