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Friday, December 2, 2011

UAE National Day!

Hi everyone!  I'm using a bigger font - hopefully it will be easier to read.  Well, this is the 40th anniversary of the UAE officially becoming a country.  We had off on Thursday as it was declared a national holiday.  All we did all week at school was participate in various activities directed toward the holiday.  If you want to read more about how this country came about, I highly recommend A Diamond in the Desert by Jo Tatchell.  She grew up with her parents in the early years and comes back.  It is a great read.

So, we had special assemblies, activities, food, lots of presents being brought by students, parades, etc.  It was really exciting.  Today is the actual day so they are having fireworks and shows down at the Corniche.  We aren't going as you had to get tickets via lottery and of course the crowd!!  Maybe I'll be able to see them from my window.

So I got henna done on my hand.  I will include a picture.  It dries for about an hour, then flakes off.  Now it is a beautiful brown on my hand.  I love it.  We had a lady come one day and she was a real artist.  You should have seen her hands and arms!

The children dresse up all week in the national colors - black, green, white and red

Notice the picture of the sheike on the scarf.  His picture is everywhere!  I especially loved the little boys dressing up like the men.  Of course, I caught one digging for gold in his nose...sorry!

One of the days we had "heritage day".  Emerati women came and cooked traditional Arabic food.  These are doughnut like little balls that are covered with honey.  Delicious!

They served traditional coffees and teas
Don't ask me what all this was but I ate every bit!  The stuff that looks like oatmeal on the left had meat in it and was my favorite. 

The henna artist

Precious babies I am blessed to teach!  The one in pink is Meera and one of my favorites!

OK, having dinner at Maila's new apartment so must go - next will be pictures of my new place!  Yea!!!  I'm finally out of the hotel and into my own home.  Sparsely decorated but oh well, it's free!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!