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Monday, August 29, 2011

Getting paperwork ready!

Ughhhhh this part is tedius but necessary!  Had a wonderful and informative webinar on Tuesday of last week.  Had to make copies of my teaching certificate and my UCA diploma (thank goodness Kara and Caleb had found it) and take them to my Secretary of State.  THEN, Kara and I drove to Little Rock to their Secretary of State since that's where my diploma was from.  But, we made the trip fun by spending the night with my brother Steven, his wife Sheri and my precious niece Katelyn.

So, because I take some meds, going to go to doctor tomorrow to get a letter and copies of my prescriptions and then ALL my paperwork will go to a friend who is going to Washington DC to our national Secretary of State and then to the UAE Embassy.  Oh yea, by the way, Abu Dhabi is in the United Arabs Emirites in the Middle East.  So then the paperwork will be sent back to me and then I wait patiently for a plane tickets! 

OK, talk to you soon!!