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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Visit to the Women's Union in Abu Dhabi

Ok, so I'm going to share my experience where I left off.  My friends Sarah and Maila and I visited the Womens Union, a place where they have a museum of sorts, and actual locals who come and continue with the traditional arts and crafts that have been done for hundreds of years.  We went on a beautiful day and really were in awe of the painstaking effort and time many of the items require.  I will share some pictures as well.

The Women Union sign

My dear friends Sarah and Maila (we do everything together still)! 

Sarah and me

Maila and me - I can't believe how short my hair was!

Different crafts they make

Beautiful handmade baskets

The actual looms they work on and some of the finished products!

One of my favorite very intricate weavings

This is what the inside of a traditional bedouin tent would look like.  We actually have the very same seating in our two Arabic workrooms.  Many a time I have laid down on them when nobody was in there to take a power nap or when I was sick.  VERY comfortable!  The last pic is a very old traditional tea set.  They still use them as you will see later on, except the tea sets are super luxurious!

So these next pictures are models of what the actual activity would look like.  There are some older women here (which by the way you rarely see older people) who still wear the steal thing over faces.  It is very scary to me and reminds me of Hannible Lector!!!!!

So, the boy is a depiction of a pearl diver, as that was very common here.  They would tie themselves to a rope, get the shells, come back to the boat, pass out, wake up and go again...doesn't sound like fun to me!  The last pic is of women getting henna.  I love it!  I got it for Jessica's wedding and it's very traditional here to do it for special occasions.

So, of course I had to act silly.  This is what the MEN wear on their heads, in different styles according to what's in fassion.

So, I hope you enjoyed the pictures from our visit to the Women Union.  Gotta go now, will do more tomorrow!!

I can't believe it's June 10!!!  I am soooooo very behind on my blog.  Probably because all I do when I get home from school is sleep!  Haha.  Well, we have just finished the year and I now have five weeks with basically nothing to do but show up at school for five more weeks.  We don't have our assignments for next year and will probably not get them until we come back in September, so I shouldn't have any excuses for getting everything up to date.  I am hoping to stay with at least one of my classes.  I was the only English teacher in the school who had two classes but I've been told I will stay with just one next year.  I have learned though that things CHANGE in a heartbeat here, so, we'll see!  Anyway, can't believe I've already finished one year, it went by so very fast.  I've decided I'm just going to continue my blog where I left off...So, hope I don't bore you too much, it has definately been an interesting adventure!